Essay on Is Chip Suffers From Borderline Personality Disorder ( Bpd )

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It is most fair to say Chip suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD) since he meets the requirements such as: difficulty with self-image, highly manipulative, and immature. Nicholas Kuvaas elaborates on the characteristics of BPD by saying these characteristics have been around and persistent for years and people with BPD will have a love-hate relationship with people around them. This is such the case with Chip.
Chip is in his middle adulthood, yet he acts as if he’s still a child. He frequents a place known as Medieval Times, a two-for-one entertainment and dinner type of place, and furthermore drags his “buddy” Steven to an event as well. What really sets Chip apart is the fact that he had set up for him and Steven to get in on the act (which is usually for kids), and battle one another. Chip immediately assumes the role of a knight, and like a true child, he immaturely plays pretend to the full extent, while an embarrassed Steven just stands around asking to go stop and go home. Caleb Lack (2012), a YouTuber, made a video project about Chip being a case of borderline personality disorder. In his video he lists various characteristics an individual must possess in order to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Chip certainly does meet the requirements, since he is frantic to avoid negligence, unstable interpersonal relations, chronic feelings of loneliness (from his childhood), impulsive behaviour that can be potentially self-damaging, and very…

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