Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations? Essay examples

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Despite priding itself to be a nation that champions freedom, democratic values, and equality for all, America possesses a deplorable and shameful history in the maltreatment and devaluation of black lives. In Why Precisely Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations, Ta-Nahesi Coates asserts that because “from 1619 until at least the late 1960s, American institutions, businesses, associations, and governments—federal, state, and local—repeatedly plundered black communities,” reparations are a necessary, “indispensable tools against white supremacy.” Though critiquing Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, Coates’ assertion regarding the federal government’s supposed atonement for the perpetuation of black inferiority can and should be applied to Barack Obama, the current President of the United States.
As a president, Obama has not responded to black issues nor has he implemented positive changes that provide greater opportunities or enhance the lives of members in the black community. As a result, America was naïve to believe that his entrance into office would transcend the nation- one that was originally founded on the devaluation and enslavement of nonwhite lives- into a post-racial society. The black community, in specific, was overly idealistic to believe that Obama’s presidency would magically abolish the white hegemony and black inferiority that has plagued the nation before it’s independence in 1776. Although symbolizing hope and racial progress for millions of lives,…

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