Is African Aid Appropriate? Essay

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Is African Aid Appropriate?
The United States faces many pressures to play a more prominent role in one of the world’s most troubled continents. The idea that America cannot afford to keep giving aid to Africa and the thought that we can be over-generous is an argument that many people like to talk about. One of the main points is that the giving of our aid is not actually an act of kindness and generosity, but rather political support and economic advantages. “We think the poor will be happy with our leftovers, because they don’t know any better and that they will appreciate anything, because having something is better than having nothing.” (Kristen, 2014) Americans just give, because it makes them feel better. In what ways does America fund and give aid to Africa and is it truly the most appropriate way to help a struggling continent?
When most people hear the word Africa, they think of poor families and starving children who can survive on just pennies a day on those sad commercials, that we usually flip the channel on. You see the children in those commercials walking mile after mile to get water for their entire family, with little amounts of clothes on and usually no shoes. Most Americans think that being truly generous, is giving away their old t-shirts that they believe still have some life left and buying a certain brand name of shoes, because they know every pair bought, a pair gets sent to Africa. What Americans believe that Africa needs is merely the stuff we…

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