Investigating The Roots Of High School Dropout Rates Essay

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Investigating the Roots of High School Dropout Rates
Among Native American Teenagers Similar to Frida Kahlo’s inner conflict of self in her portrait Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States, the Native American youth in public school systems are torn between mainstream culture and their ancestral traditions as they pursue an education in modern society. Correspondingly, a significant amount of these teenagers are becoming victims of an extensive issue involving the scarcity of Native American graduates. In 1990, Cherokee member Michael W. Garret recorded that Native Americans had the highest high school drop out rate of any ethnic group in the nation at 35.5% (“Between Two Worlds”). An identical trend persists in modern reports regarding this population. Based on the Class of 2014, U.S. News indicated that the national high school graduation rate was 80%, but the graduation rate for Native Americans was 67% (Camera). Subsequently, a question resonates: Why is the high school graduation rate of Native American students considerably lower than the national average in the United States? Research advocates that high school graduation rates of Native American teenagers remain significantly lower than the national average due to contemporary influence of ancestral assimilation policies, the poor living environment of domestic settings, the cultural irrelevance of the educational curriculum, and the inner conflict of cultural identity associated with…

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