Investigating The Human Skull And Blood Samples Found At A Crime Scene

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Lowry police asked my laboratory group and I to investigate the remaining human skull and blood samples found at a crime scene in an abandoned building in Lowry. The investigators found two types of blood samples from the crime scene, one that is B-, which appears to be from the victim and the other sample O+ is believed to be from the criminal. The police provided four blood samples from their potential suspect list, and also provided the medical records of a missing teenager who blood type is B-. In order to continue our investigation, we needed to review the essentials concepts of blood types and human skeleton. According to The Royal Society of Medicine Health Encyclopedia (2000), a reliable source that presents crucial medical concepts, human blood is made out of red and white blood cells, platelets, nutrients, proteins and fluid. Blood cells are categorized in diverse groups A, B, AB and O depending on the antibodies that it is being produced. In the same way, the fluid (without blood cells) contains antibodies that reject all the groups that are not displayed in the blood cells. For this reason when blood tests are done, the blood sample is exposed to different antibodies (A, B, AB or O) to determine the group it belongs to. In addition, there is another essential factor present in blood, the Rh group. The Rh group is divided in Rh+ and Rh-, there are several alleles that participate in this group and it is based on inheritance (dominant/recessive alleles.) If the…

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