Inventions And Inventions Of Antibiotics Essays

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There are many inventions and discoveries that today may have been looked over as they have always been at arms reach to us. However, these inventions were never always readily available and their impact during their creation, changed society in many ways. Antibiotics are one invention that are still crucial and essential to our lives today. Without antibiotics, simple illnesses would leave many dead, as it did prior to their development of antibiotics. It was in 1928, when Alexander Fleming observed a common fungus Penicillium notatum destroy bacteria in a staphylococcus on a culture plate. From this point on antibiotics were known as the “miracle drugs” and their impact was incredible. With the development of antibiotics, it changed the field of medicine, the military in war, and cured many diseases, improving the health and lives of millions of individuals.
With the development of antibiotics, it successfully advanced the field of medicine significantly. Prior to the 1920’s the understanding of germs and disease was limited and physicians were not as clearly advanced and knowledgeable as they are today. In fact, it was stated that, “Physicians could provide little beyond psychological support for patients suffering from disease” (Salem Press). This quote clearly reveals how lacking the skills of physicians were, as they were not educated enough and did not have the resources to help treat their patients. Instead, they could only be there with the emotional struggles…

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