Intuitive Cognition As A Causal Factor Essay example

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Intuitive Cognition as a Causal Factor in Criminal Profiler Accuracy
Criminal profiling is used by law enforcement as a tool to analyze all available information from a crime, to help predict characteristics of an offender. As criminal profiling has become increasingly popular in the law enforcement community, many opponents have questioned the accuracy and reliability of this practice (Snook, Cullen, Bennell, Taylor, & Gendreau, 2008; Chiflet, 2015). However, criminal profiling and aspects of this practice continue to proliferate within the law enforcement community. As Kocsis and Palermo assert, the anecdotal evidence of case examinations with correctly predicted outcomes and satisfaction of agencies using criminal profilers, must be considered as the reasoning behind the popularity of the practice (2015). This anecdotal evidence alone is not sufficient in associating validity with criminal profiling. Therefore, the importance of bringing validity and reliability to criminal profiling through forensic psychological studies is a necessity for the law enforcement realm. Empiricism can be accomplished by continued evidence based research in areas that include determining what aspects contribute to a more accurate criminal profiler.
Criminal profiling has been used by investigative agencies for years, but without a clear understanding into the underlying causal factors affecting the actual criminal profiler. Current research has shown females with psychological…

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