International Trade And Its Impact On The Pursuit Of Global Commerce

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An analysis is performed of global interconnectivity around cybersecurity and its impact on the pursuit of global commerce. Cultural influences, practices, and perspectives are reflected upon as they incorporate ethical, political, and social viewpoints. Cultural philosophical perspectives integrate attitudes, beliefs, values, and political agendas which help navigate tangible or intangible formations of a particular culture. As a result, products involve underlying beliefs and values and cultural practices. Studies show international trade and investment in technology promotes innovation, a key driver of competitiveness and financial growth. This paper will summarize cybersecurity interconnectedness, and its effect on the global supply chain with proactive and pragmatic policy approaches.
Keywords: interconnectivity, international commerce, policy, internet
1. Introduction
International companies are looking to build their presence within the global markets despite risky and ambiguous regulatory conditions and weak networks that could open companies up to extensive legal problems. But, for many companies today, international regulatory practices are becoming more stringent. Though the global markets are emerging, disposable incomes also continue to grow in certain areas and it will take time before their regulatory and institutional environments mature to a level where companies around the world feel confident to business with them. (Dandrea, 2014).

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