Essay on Instrumentation And Control System For The Moon

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Instrumentation and Control System to be Considered in the Moon
The necessary information needed to control the reactor activity in the moon are neutron level measurements, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, fluid level measurement, flow measurement, and signal transmission. These parameters are necessary to take account for design of nuclear plants beside the characteristics of the moon environment. However, the environment will influence in the materials to be considered. Also, how devices operate in environment of extreme temperatures and low gravitation will influence in the operation of devices that gathered and transmit information to the centers of control in the moon or remote centers at the earth.
For example the high temperature and the low gravity at the moon are characteristic that influences the consideration of a chosen nuclear instrumentation. For example, it is considered the two functions that instrumentation will provide; the passive function and the active function. The measuring of pressure, temperature, flow, fluid level, and neutron level are parameters in the moon that passive instrumentation will take function. In the other hand, instrumentation of active functions will support in the control of the nuclear system in the moon. From the process the detection, transmit of data using digital process via Profinet and Profibus web protocols, indicating measuring and status, and recording the gather information will be considered a passive…

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