Information About Crime And Measure The Accuracy Of Each Material

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Crimes occurred every day in some places around the world. Nobody is able to guarantee that crimes will never danger their security and benefits during the whole life. It is necessary to have pre-knowledge for protection. Thus, there are multiple ways for people to search and receive the knowledge about crime. Especially, it is easier to access massive crime information comparing with the past. However, it is still difficult for commonalities to ensure that each resource is correct and enough to trust. The purpose of this essay is to determine the process and contents which people used to know about crime and measure the accuracy of each material. It will primarily discuss two sources: the statistics, mass media. First of all, the statistics are one of the useful methods to access the information about the data and trend of crime. It is able to divide into two large categories: one is official crime statistics and another is self-report study. To begin with, official crime statistics defined as a survey to discover information about the experience of crime from a certain sample of the population. It mainly focuses on the victim and provided by jurisdictions. Moreover, nowadays, the massive volumes of the annually published statistics are able to search on the internet (Robert, 2009). Each country has their own databases. In the case of Britain, Crime in England and Wales which elicit both "police-recorded crime data" and "The British Crime Survey (BCS) data" to supply a…

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