Essay on Informal : Informal Social Control

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Social Control- Informal: Informal social control is the study of face to face interaction over a period of time to maintain and preserve social order. Informal social control consists of all those mechanisms and practices of ordinary, everyday life whereby group pressures to conform are brought to bear against the individual (Chriss 56). In everyday life socialization is the idea of conforming to society norms. Individuals must conform to all pressures, obey authority figures and laws. Youth violence disobeys the construction of socialization. If a youth is a part of any violent act or victim of a violent act, then confirming to social norms is not present.
Any deviant acts are events that depart from are social norms. Every society has its basic social norms. Social norms are very serious if an individual commits a deviant act, the community will automatically demand punishment. Deviant behavior refers to behavior that does not conform to social norms and does not meet the normative expectations society has established in social life both De Jure and De Facto. These acts are more likely triggered by a youth primary group.
Primary groups are defined as a youth family, friends and role models whom they have long term relationships with. They are more than likely to be influenced by this certain group that they will emulate their actions and ideas. They will adopt the styles, mannerisms, lifestyles, and customs (Chriss 57). Secondary groups are the groups adolescents have…

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