Influence Of The On Students And Faculty At Us Schools Of Pharmacy Influence Class Attendance

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Influences leading to skipping class Many researchers agree on the notion that there is some sort of correlation that exists between the student’s overall class performance and his/her regular attendance of class and the interaction within the class meeting. Several research studies were conducted in a few higher education institutes to answer the question of what drives the students to decide to not attend a class meeting? (Persky, Persky, Kirwin, Marasco, & May)have decided to conduct a research study in an attempt to determine and investigate what factors and perceptions of both the students and the faculty in US schools of Pharmacy influence class attendance. The authors aimed to achieve two goals in their study; what are the top factors which have the biggest impact on the students to make the decision not to show up to class, as well as to evaluate what are the perceptions about how important it is to attend class. The results of the study revealed two important factors; in the case of the course-related attributes, the one that came on top is the availability of digital recordings of the class lectures, and access to internet-streamed lectures. For the case of instructor-related attributes, it was clear that all the data shows that students skipped class due to the fact that the instructor was dull and boring plus lacked organization. The authors have reached the conclusion of their study stating that in their findings, there is an agreement between both the…

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