The Importance Of College Attendance

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College attendance has been a major concern in recent years. Most professors want all students to attend each and every class. Why is college attendance important? Attendance is a crucial because it helps the students keep up with lectures and assignments that the instructor forwards. Mandating college attendance has an effect on students’ grades. Different ideas have been flowing to find a solution to this problem. Even though improvements have been made, it is still not fully resolved. More than half of the students are paying for their education using loan. There should be a focus on this students to complete their side of the bargain by finishing college.
There have been some disagreements on whether college attendance should or should not be mandated. These arguments started when college students were given the privilege of being called mature enough to make their own decisions, which led to many students not attending class. This results in many students obtaining lower grades, which raised the universities’ concerns. Due to the fact that most students were using their own money, the university could not control them. However, the universities controled students with grants. Pushing students to go to
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This is especially important for those who recently joined college, received scholarships and grants. These students are more likely to get distracted, because not only have they not paid for it, they are new to college life and they might want to have fun because they can make their own decisions. In addition, they are finally free from their parents influence. These are the students who are missing class and earning lower grades compared to others. Research of economics student indicated effort and intelligence determined the grade, while students’ attendance records overall value of the course was less

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