Influence Of Social Class On Education Essay

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The influence of social class on education has been a long negotiated concept. Both Lee Warren in Class in the Classroom and Scott Davis in Stubborn Disparities: Explaining Class Inequalities in Schooling put forward what they believe influence a child’s academic success. Warren agues that social class is the most significant factor of how well a student does in school. On the other hand, Davis argues that a child’s success is not merely influenced by social class, but also material factors, cultural factors, and factors within schools. Personally, I agree with both Davis and Warren because numerous factors do influence ones success academically but majority of these can relate back to ones social class.
Class in a Classroom Summary Class is invisible to see and difficult to define. Although class is hard to define, generalizations about class can be made. Lower class individuals “often come to college with a lower level of academic skills and sophistication than their middle and upper class peer” (Warren pg. 1). Further, lower class individuals have more difficulty finding people to help them and most need to work while attending school. Middle class individuals are least aware of class and assume that success will find them and are prepared to work for what they want. Upper class individuals begin their education more prepared then other classes and “assume their ideas will be heard” (Warren pg. 2). Individuals from the upper class may be embarrassed of their…

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