Influence Of Media On Crime

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Human psyche that controls the actions taken by an individual is often strongly influenced by information transmitted in various ways.The strongest way in which the informations are transmitted is the media,which has a great impact in the attitude of people nowadays. In this essay I will highlight to what extent the media influences offending behaviour and our attitudes towards crime and criminal justice. A subject which will always raise the interest of the audience is crime, because human consciousness is always full of curiosity to learn more about things that happen not only around them but also in the world, even though those issues may not directly affect them.
A straightforward definition of the crime is:’’ Legally, a crime is
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This is a main reason why people are having different opinions and concerns towards offenders and criminal justice.
There is also a high number of ways in which media is causing crime, such
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As a result of the arguments that I have introduced and explained in this essay we can conclude that there is a strong relationship between what media is showing to the world and how the people are influenced regarding to the criminals and criminal justice system. However, it is important to know that even if the media is exaggerating with some of the serious problems that we have in the world the media is the only mean of communication through which people can be aware of everything that happens, whether there are good or bad news Chris Greer (2007) In the end, I can state that I have answered to the following question: to what extent the media influences offending behaviour and our attitudes towards crime and criminal justice and I repeat that the amount of impact that media is having in offenders behaviour,criminal justice and people’s attitude towards crime is very high and is a very concerning problem in today’s social scientists mind because people need to be more realistic and not living any more in a life full of fiction Chris Greer

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