Essay on Influence Of Educational Pressure On Children

1322 Words Dec 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Education in America has grown and developed into what it has become today. However,despite education’s increased popularity in the country and its evolution into a common, beneficial threshold of success and opportunity, the view of teenagers towards school still remains overall pessimistic, perhaps more now than ever. It is because education plays such an important role in one’s development that I believe it necessary to question it and critically analyze it from a psychological perspective. As a psychologist, I would study the statistical patterns of influence depicting educational pressure on the susceptibility to excessive stress within the adolescent population in America. This would involve intensive polls and interviews of varying views from both staff and students of high schools and college through direct interaction. From a sociological mindfulness, I would research the history and development of education and its role as an agent of socialization on individuals. Using religious studies, I would look into the varying views of different beliefs and their definitions of what education, knowledge, and success should mean to a human being. By collaborating my knowledge in both religious studies and sociology to compare the ultimate purpose and meaning of educational success in regards to both societal standards and religious belief, this research can serve as a step towards to improving the issue of adolescent stress in the modern American academia.…

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