Individualism And Collectivism

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“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

Every individual is unique and has a character, regardless of culture, religion, background, origin and lifestyle. A character is a product of a childhood environment. The knowledge and experience received at a young age develops the fundament of a person’s worldview, shape of the belief system and the interpretation of reality and morale. To understand what builds a stronger character psychologists conducted many researches and learned that the cultural background greatly affects the way the person sees oneself. The problem of Individualism and Collectivism can be found in many studies. For example, Harry Triandis,
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Some people say that collectivism destroys the personality within a person. Another disagree, saying that people were born to live together in a society. Being part of the society does not necessarily mean losing the uniqueness. Everyone must act on their own will, but still respect and follow some fundamental social rules. Collectivism, or being part of the group, stands for acting on behalf of a group, representing interest of the society rather than personal interests. There are definitely some positive aspects of it, for instance, team games, such as hockey or football, when only with the effort of every single player a great result can be achieved; or the joined efforts of the US and the USSR in realization of the first space flight. But the disadvantages still prevail, for example, the total control by the government, fading of personalities, decrease of education and enthusiasm. There will always be a conflict between these two forms of life. On one hand it is important to be an individual, to not be manipulated and to be solely responsible for the life and the actions. On the other hand, people learn from each other, live in the society, and they are in need of one another. Learning how to …show more content…
In the 17th century the experiments, methods and the studies of an astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei were too progressive for the time. Galileo was the first to study the sky with the telescope. He made such important discoveries, as that the moon has mountains, that there are rings around Saturn, that the Milky Way is made up of stars, and, most importantly, he confirmed that the Earth goes around the Sun. With his work he angered the church, which in the 17th century was very powerful. He was put to trial after publishing the book in which he stated that the Earth goes around the Sun. He then spent the rest of his life under the house arrest. In spite of that, he managed to write one of his greatest pieces, “Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Concerning the Two New Sciences”. The Church banned all of his studies, and his books were published only after being smuggled from Italy. Galileo Galilei made a major contribution to multiple fields of science. This is a great example of a strong individual, an innovator, a scientist who happened to be ahead of time with his knowledge. He once said “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single

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