Indian Social Ball Game By Solomon Mccombs Essay

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Joy Harjo 's choice to use of Creek Indian Social Ball Game by Solomon McCombs as cover art for Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings invokes Mvskoke cultural traditions and methods of conflict resolution. The references to traditional ceremonies and the treatment of storytelling in her poems affirms that Harjo sees preservation of her heritage through art as a form of healing from ancestral trauma, a theme that dominates her poetry. Healing implies that the body and soul have worked through a complicated process in which tender care of the body and spirit have been administered so as to knit wounds together, form scars, and lead to invention of new ways to cope with what has been lost and the changed as a result. Perhaps at its core, Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings seeks to reclaim the songs and stories of Harjo 's people and create new ones in a modern landscape. In the poem, "For Calling the Spirit Back from Wandering the Earth in Its Human Feet," Harjo establishes the value she sees in the intrinsic value she sees in the preservation of Mskoke culture. "Let your moccasin feet take you to the encampment of the guardians who have known you before time" (4). Moccasins immediately bring to mind age-old traditions that connect both past and present. Harjo continues, "Let go the pain of your ancestors to make way for those who are heading in our direction" (6). This image acknowledges the pain of ancestral trauma and implies there is an assertion of sovereignty in…

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