Essay India 's Struggle With India

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Since their independence, India and Pakistan have never been in a euphoric relationship with one another. Immediately after gaining their independence, both countries were at each other throats going to war with one another. Instantly, starting their relationship off with mistrust, tension, and war. These malicious relationships between the two countries have resulted in both countries facing economic, political and security challenges today. It is such a despondent fact that a country derived from India 's own blood would be so rebellious against India today. Many efforts were made by India to stabilize these relationships, but, all have proven futile. Pakistan refuses to restore their relationships with India today failing to realize the power, economic, and political benefits the two countries could have working side by side. The country now known as Pakistan was once a part and territory of undivided India. Pakistan was born when Britishers, in a plan to weaken the nation divided India into two countries dating their time of independence 1947, and creating the greatest mass human migration in the history of mankind. Pakistan came into being by the Muslim leader, Mohammad All Jinnah (BBC News, 2015). Since then Pakistan has been following a harsh policy towards Indians entering their country. There are around 3.4 million immigrants in the U.S. today (Desilver, 2014). India holding the position of the second largest country sending immigrants to the U.S. According…

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