Essay about India And Its Power And Inequality

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Inequality is the existence of unequal opportunities and reward for different social positions on statuses within a group or society. My topic is about India and its power and inequality. I chose this because I see people all the time being judged on their own community/race. Therefore, I had a couple a question that I needed to be answered: Why are mostly women and children belittled in India? Why is there so much inequality? Do men really take advantage of their power in India? Will the conditions for women in India ever change? How have the women fought back their rights?
1 of 10 children suffer from child maltreatment as stated in “Safe horizon”.1 of 3 women are victims of domestic violence as stated on Google. Some extremist in India legitimizes the domination of women, claiming that women are the cause of mankind’s ills. The abuse of women is a direct misinformed direction for this country to grow. I find it sad that such things do happen in the world we live in. “Researchers found that even though many Indian men support policies that promote equal opportunities for women, they also feel that they lose out if women are afforded more rights. And while they are aware of laws against violence against women, this knowledge does not always coincide with their values: 65 percent of Indian men surveyed said they believe there are times that women deserve to be beaten.” Which I find to be unacceptable like why would you want to harm your mate.
As I go into other research I…

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