In The Forest Of Gombe By Jane Goodall Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Every individual has the right to choose what they believe, and find the one that convince them the best. Protecting what one believes is fine, but one should not deny what others believe. Jane Goodall says in her essay that “there are many windows through which we humans, searching for meaning, can look out into the world around us” (Jane Goodall 148). There are numerous different religions exist around the world, and the followers worship and study them. It is great that a person finds the best religion for him to pursuit, but one can still listen to other’s ideas. All the ideas and experiences of others might be helpful for one to understand one’s life better. Like Goodall, after the experience in the forest with the chimpanzees, she learns something about her own life. “Lost in awe at the beauty around me, I must have slipped into a state of heightened awareness. It is hard--impossible, really--to put into words the moment of truth that suddenly came upon me then” (Goodall 147). When she found peace in the forest, she is no longer human and separate from the society. The beauty of the nature helps her to find her own reason for choosing what she wants to believe. Everyone must have some experiences that make them to believe in something. It is fine to believe in different religions from others, the most important thing is one has the reason to believe …show more content…
What is behind these arguing between scientists and religious people is pointless. The older generation should think about the future generations, and pass them some inspirational legacy instead of endless fighting. In Jane Goodall’s opinion, “It honestly didn’t matter how we humans got to be the way we are, whether evolution or special creation was responsible. What mattered and mattered desperately was our future development” (Goodall 150). People who are still arguing over if evolution is true should take a break and reprocess their thoughts. Even if one side can fully prove that other is wrong, nothing would change. It is waste of time to prove a completely meaningless point. Like Jane Goodall says “How sad that so many people seem to think that science and religion are mutually exclusive” (Goodall 148). Science and religion are different, but they don’t have to be against each other. Those who pursuit for true science are worshiping science as their religion, they are no different compare to a religious person. Therefore, there is no need of fighting and arguing about who is right or wrong. Choose the smart thing to do is much better for the development of our

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