Improvisation Music : Music Is Making Up The Music As One Plays

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Question 1: Improvisation
Improvisation in music is making up the music as one plays, or freely. Improvisation does not follow sheet music like typical jazz does. However, the term improvisation is not just linked to music. Movies and television shows also have a technique with the same concept which is improve but with acting. Both of these mean the same thing, which is the artist/actor has the determining factor of what they will play or say. One genre that uses improvisation as a major concept is free jazz. Free jazz was really popular during the 1960s-1970s. One free jazz artist was Cecil Taylor. In Taylor’s song Lena, the piece starts out sounding very in sync, but as it progresses it turns into more dissonance. It is very hard to follow the harmony throughout the piece. The tempo stays pretty consistent at an andante pace. The dynamic also stays mezzo forte throughout. Some of the instruments used are piano, drums, trumpets, etc. Overall, free jazz is a really unique style that can show case the talent of the artist and give them the choice on how to pursue the song.
Question 2: Fusion
Fusion jazz can be grouped into two different categories, musical or cultural. Musical fusion jazz is where the artist uses different genres such as rock or R&B, and mixes those musical influences with jazz. Cultural fusion jazz is where the main genre is jazz, however, certain cultural influences are added. For example, listing to typical jazz and then Latin or Caribbean jazz, they…

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