Theme Of Misogyny In Hamlet

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In Shakespeare’s most complex play called Hamlet, it takes on the themes of incest, melancholy, and misogyny. Hamlet explores the depth of whether he wanting to commit suicide due to the fact of his uncle (Claudius) marrying his mother (Gertrude), and has taken the throne of Denmark. In addition, his mother is sleeping with Claudius allowing a reign of corruption to start. In Hamlet’s words, “ A little more than kin and less than kind.”(I.2.65) He describes that he is furious with his mother actions and will not tolerate anymore. Shakespeare uses incest and misogyny to show that when people have power, they are bound to carry guilt and corruption.
In the start of Hamlet, Hamlet finds out that his father which was the last king of Denmark has
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Claudius then confess knowing that he did commit the “unnatural murder”. Hamlet had a chance to kill Claudius but he didn 't end his life because he didn 't want him to go to heaven. In this part of the play, the action of Gertrude shows how it affects Hamlet. Hamlet disapproves his mother’s marriage to his Uncle Claudius in which now he is the King of Denmark. “A little more than kin and less than kind.”(1.2.65) explains that he knows about his father’s death and his mother is allowing the marriage to continue in she participates in incestuous acts. The actions of incest causes Hamlet to question whether his mother. Another example of Hamlet’s expression towards his mother’s action is when Claudius asks him about being his nephew/step-son. To which, Hamlet said “Not so my lord, I am too much i’ the sun.”(1.2.67). Hamlet express his opinion about Claudius and his mother, saying their incestuous action are disgusting and should be stopped. Back when Shakespeare wrote this play, incest was not a taboo as it was in todays’ society. That means that the theme of incest did not carry such a disgusting role between Claudius and

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