Importance Of Care Of Environment Essay

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The environment is an essential part of any economy as it is the very surroundings, we live and in. It is a market failure when economics fails to protect the environment and it reduces the quality of life of all citizens; it may put all our health and day life at risk of our environment it is unclean or unsafe. Therefore, it is essential that economies take steps to protect and care for the environment.

Definition of Care of environment
It is where the countries look at the costs and benefits then finally find the best alternative for the environment. All countries should follow the environmental polices like air pollution, water quality, Solid waste, Toxic substances and global warning.

How Economies harm environments in 3 main
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THAT INCREASES GLOBAL WARNUNG. For example, in Sri lanka a garbage mountain has been collapsed at Meethotamulla, due to that people have died and are still suffering from the poisonous gases that has been released, from the garbage mountain

Firms who pollute through factories production
This happens due to the demand of the consumes, firms only produce goods and services to satisfy consumers needs and wants due to that some people die or have different type of diseases due to the harmful particle that has been given out from the factories, it is being mixed into the air and contaminated the soils and water, it is because all the waste inside the factories has being dumped into the rivers. For example, the lanka tyres company pollutes the air every time they manufacture tyres

Government when making infrastructure projects
Due to the government wrong decision making, the scares resources in the country are being wasted in failed projects, because of that the resource are unable to be used for the other thing, like medical Centre, agricultural good (land) for growing. Economist calls this opportunity cots. For example, in Sri lanka the government wanted to reduces the congestion in Rajagiriya by constructing a flyover, due to that it made the congestion
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Switzerland is rank 06 in the world for the greenest country with a score of 63.1.
Do they keep their environment safe?

Switzerland’s resources wastage is very low because the government takes the maximum usage of the resources until it is unable to be

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