Implementing A Childhood Obesity Prevention Program Essay

1200 Words Jul 30th, 2015 null Page
Long Beach has a desperate need for more programs to address childhood obesity. Of its adolescent residences, 21 percent are considered to be overweight and 25 percent are considered to be obese. This means that over 50 percent of our children in Long Beach are not at a healthy weight. In order to combat this problem, we must start with a better school health program that directly targets the need of this Long Beach population. In our plan to implement a childhood obesity prevention program, we will provide our population with the tools to fight obesity. The educational aspect of our program will have two components: nutrition education and physical education. The program will be implemented in two Long Beach, CA middle school campuses; Hamilton Alexander Junior High, and Washington Middle School. One health educator at each school will carry out the activities over the course of a week. The health educator’s will be using PowerPoints and lesson plans provided by the program.
The nutrition education component will teach students the importance of a balanced diet. By using readily available tools, such as MyPlate, students will be educated about particular food groups, portion sizes for snacks and meals, and what the daily recommended intake for these groups are. Kids will learn examples of what healthy foods are and what those foods are composed of nutritionally that make them healthy. Students will be shown how and simple journals can be utilized to log…

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