Impact Of The Textile Industry On The Environment Essay

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Industries Can Change
In a world full of competitive markets, companies take many risks in order to make the most profit. Businesses strive to make money off of satisfying customer demands. In recent years, a heightened awareness for the environment has caused customers to demand more natural products. Knowing how a product is made can help the consumer make informed purchases. Conscious consumerism can help further reduce the human impact on the environment. In response to this demand, companies have increased their effort in the manufacturing sector to "go green" by producing items more sustainably. However, the task of differentiating the companies who are actually “going green” and those who aren 't, is difficult. Those companies who have failed to make changes, and those who falsely claim to have made changes, impose a much larger impact. Prior to modification, the textile industry created a large impact. If the dynamic of the industry changed, and the overall impact on the environment could decrease. In response to the changing standards of today 's world, the textile industry has changed different aspects of the industry to reduce its impact. While the impact may not be completely reduced, changing the resources used, plays a role in the level of impact the textile industry has on the environment.
The first step in the process of textile production is growing the raw material that will be used to make the textile The way in which raw materials are grown indirectly…

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