Impact Of The Syrian Conflict On The Middle East Essay

2537 Words Nov 27th, 2016 11 Pages
The instability in the Middle East mostly which fueled the refugee crisis that trying to shelter in Europe; furthermore, the search also contribute to a safe zone migration from other countries. According to the European Commission 's “more than 65 million people forcibly displaced due to violent conflict and natural disasters” (Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, 2016). More than 1 million people among them refugees, immigrants, and refugees entering the EU in 2015, so as to escape the conflict or to seek greener pastures (Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, 2016). Such as influx of refugees has caused a crisis which has left to the members of the European Union is divided opinion on how to handle the crisis. The Syrian conflict has greatly contributed the majority of the refugees by the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is also a significant contributor (European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, 2016). The main challenge is the threat of terrorism, especially in an era where it had been spinning to incorporate the radical individuals that can take advantage of the crisis to pursue jihadist agenda. This paper is intended to answer whether the EU and its member states have a duty to welcome asylum seekers, considering the current refugee crisis in Europe. This explains why it is either moral or legal obligation.
Legal Duty Legal Duty; most of countries in the European Union was agreed and signed to the 1951 Convention Regarding to the Refugees…

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