Immigration Across The United States Essay

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Over the past few decades, immigration has been a topic of great controversy. From legal immigrants to refugees seeking asylum, America’s borders have been bombarded with outsiders. One of the goals of immigration is to bring in immigrants “with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy” (How). These immigrants are used to fill jobs in all fields of work. Although people associate immigrants with working in factories at low paying labor intensive jobs, this actually is not always the case. Some immigrants come to America to fill high paying jobs. Immigrants impact America’s workforce and economy every day. As members of American society, immigrants serve as both producers and consumers.
The first roll that immigrants play is a producer. Quite frequently, immigrants come to America in order to work and make money. Some of the immigrants that come to America, spend their days working in agriculture or in factories. Immigrants that work in American factories are serving the purpose of “filling a gap created by rising education levels among Americans” (Zavodny). As the American education programs and standards grow, there becomes a void in the workforce. America has more educated workers than ever before and these workers are taking higher-paying, more-skilled jobs. This leaves factory owners with a new need for labor. As a result, companies are having to look overseas to find workers. Jobs that seem undesirable to educated Americans are sought after by immigrants.…

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