Immanuel Kant 's Philosophy On Morality And Ethics Essay

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I like to think of myself as an optimistic person. I like to see people as good and honest folks. Of course, I would like to think that people are bad for various reasons, and although I may understand the reasoning behind a person’s bad actions, I will not condone the actions made. I was once a believer in Catholicism, until I felt that it was no longer necessary in my life. I felt that Catholicism hadn’t given me any satisfactory answers as to why I wanted to be a good person. I decided to look towards philosophy to find some answers. I found many philosophers helped me answer my questions, but one philosopher in particular gave me some insight on morality. That philosopher’s name is Immanuel Kant.
My reasons for picking Kant reflect my personal view of morality and ethics. My first reason is Kant’s idea of morality is not solely tied to religion or god. I wanted to find an answer to explain why I still had moral values, while no longer having religion in my life. Another reason for my gravitation towards Kant is the idea of grounding morality in logic. Having the idea that being moral is a logical course of action makes sense to me. I like having the idea that being logical is the basis of morality and overall good will, therefore being immoral would not only be considered to be wrong, but wouldn’t make logical sense. My final reason for picking Kant would be his concept of the Categorical Imperative. The concept of a set of absolute moral guidelines helps me…

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