Essay on Im Bad At Thinking Of The Textbook Describes Self Disclosure

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INSERT INTRO SENTENCE HERE WHICH IM BAD AT THINKING OF. The textbook describes self-disclosure, which is closely related to vulnerability, as “the intentional revelation of personal information about ourselves that others are unlikely to discover in other ways.” This means that, in order to make yourself completely emotionally vulnerable, we need to explicitly disclose information about ourselves that the person we are having a conversation with would have a hard time finding out otherwise. Like all forms of communication, self-disclosure is a process that takes place between people who are getting to know one another. It can be messy- being vulnerable is rarely comfortable- but it is vital in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with others and with oneself. We gradually build up to more hard-hitting questions as trust develops, and for this to happen, both people need to show their vulnerable sides. This exchange is called the social penetration theory, and it states that self-disclosure is reciprocal- both people are expected to share and affirm information- and changes is depth and breadth as the relationship evolves. Breadth refers to the range of topics discussed, and depth includes the personal level of the information (cite source here). It typically begins with harmless information, for example: “I grew up in Pittsburg,” or “I am the youngest of three daughters.” As the relationship develops, communication is expected to deepen as well, with…

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