Illegal Immigrants Should Be Removed From The United States Essay

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Illegal Immigrants Should Be Removed From The United States There has always been a set of rules that humans are to follow. These orders originate from a variety of sources such as beings of higher power, morals, government, et cetera. When individuals disobey commands, a punishment is followed by disobedient actions. Currently, the United States suffers from accepting too many illegal immigrants without correcting them. The correct response that the citizens of the United States should remove illegal immigrants due to their actions against the law, for their encouragement of not following the rules of the government, the safety of the American people, and the improvement of the United States’ economy. There are two types of immigrants, the legal and the illegal immigrants. The legal aliens go through the difficult process of applying and obtaining a green card and then traveling to live in the United States spending a large sum of money and time to follow the law and enter the United States legally. The illegal migrants do not follow the laws and cross the borders for a number of reasons, both being malicious and harmless intent. Illegal foreigner ignore the law and unrightfully enters the United States. The United States government need to enforce their immigrant policies. The legal immigrants suffer and lose their time and money just to enter and live in the United States. The illegal immigrants enter the United States whenever individuals are not arrested. From…

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