Identity Status : John Bender Essay

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Identity status
John Bender is a victim of child abuse who acts like “the criminal” at his school because he lacks attention and direction, has a weak sense of trust, little autonomy and no commitments. According to Erikson, John Bender “The Criminal” is suffering from role confusion which is “lack of direction and definition of self” (Later Adolescence, March 29, 2016, Slide #6) and occupies the identity diffusion status which is “a state in which there has been little exploration or active consideration of a particular domain and no psychological commitment” (Later Adolescence, March 29, 2016, Slide #12) under Marcia’s identity status. For example, when Mr. Vernon told him to be quiet or he will get more days in detention, he kept on talking showing his aggressive and disrespectful personality just to proof that he really doesn’t care about anything. If his own father neglects him why should he care about himself and have a sense of direction as to what he wants to do with his life. Also he hides marijuana in his locker to make himself look tough and hide all the vulnerability he carries from not only both his fathers and teacher abuse but also from his poor background.
John Bender’s father represents “the uninvolved child rearing style” which “combines low acceptance and involvement with little control and general indifference to issues of autonomy” (Berk & Meyers, 2015, p. 394). Mr. Bender not only abuses John physically with cigar burns but also verbally…

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