I Think The Best Discourse Essay

750 Words Feb 9th, 2016 3 Pages
Frist of all, there is many discourses that I belong to. I think the best discourse I belong to is camping discourse. Be sure there are many diffrents between the discourses. One of the most different between discourses is language. It is different to how to speak, and also how to understand it. For examples, if I said please my friend take a look, this mean take around to make sure there is no dengrous or the place is safety. Actually, there is no many rules to ger membership. The person who wants get membership, he should know at least the basic for camping. For example, how to build tent. In additions to how to cock. Even if person do not know these things that is fine. The big one thing in this discourse is person must not be alone. Also, everyone should work or do thing. Everyone should help each other. I think everything I did it in my live related directally or un directly to my primary discourse. This discourse related to my primary discourse. My primary discourse is to be successful person. So, to be scusssful person I should be active person I should to be a very smart, very perceptive and to be responsible person. I think the camping improve all these skills. Whan I be leader for camping group, I choose a good and safety place. This is responsibility. When I deal very fast with dengrous, this is perceptively. In my opnion, this discourse provides social goods for the society. One of things this discourse provide is strengthens socialites. The community for…

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