I Miss You Very Much Essay

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I miss you very much. I hope you are ok in the America. I wanted to write you a letter to update you on some of the changes that have happened in our country and in our family since you moved to America.
You know that, they 're had a revolution, so our life was going on so terrible. The Shah wanted to show people that, the massacre was happened by religion people. There situation was worse. The Shah 's father was a soldier. He wanted to do everything like Gandhi and Ataturk. But he was uneducated and he was not smart like them. The Shah wanted to be like his father. So people were suffered too much for islamic revolutions and my family too. My mom wanted to be a modern lady always but for revolution she couldn 't.

One day after coming school I saw my grandma. I asked her about her life. Her life was in poverty, without grandpa she suffered a lot. My grandpa was a prince. But he was captured by the father of Shah. My grandma suffered a lot and she sewd for raising life. She said, they had to eat only bread, it was ashamed for her. That day My father came home late. Because he had to gone to take photos of demonstration. He tooks photo everyday. It was strictly forbidden. He had even been arrested but escaped at the last minute. Mother was worried about him. My grandma was also so worried, she had almost heart attack.

A girl who came from a poor family, her name is Mehri. She was our maid. Her family couldn 't afford their raised, where she had fourteen to fifteen…

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