I Felt Like This Essay Was The Funnest And Hardest

800 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Overall I felt like this essay was the funnest and hardest essay to write. I enjoyed that I had the freedom to analyze anything such as a video, commercial, or picture. Therefore it allowed me to choose a topic that actually enjoy and write about it. I also thought it was quite relevant because in today’s technological world the use of ads is everywhere. I see them used on the tv, radio, and internet. In addition the ads and videos I saw were all based on current problems or current events, which in a way made more relevant and interesting. Also, I felt that choosing a topic was quite easy because I had the experience of focusing on current events from highschool, since in highschool I had to talk a lot about the news. In addition in my Expository Class, we focused a lot on the media and how they present the information in biased or unbiased point of view. I felt having knowledge in ads, knowing a little about media, the way media presents their information, and about current events all helped me have more ease in writing the essay.
I also felt that writing a 6 page essay was not hard, just because in high school I had written essays that were either 6 pages or more. Therefore, I was used to it and was able to write it. However, I felt that it was also quite hard just because it had been my first long essay since high school ended, so I did struggle with it. One of my biggest regrets that I continually struggle with is planning and time management, since I had not planned…

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