I Believe The Path Of Greater Good Parallels The Divine Route Established By Our God

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Undertaking a Greater Calling
In this life that we live we are frequently challenged with problems, questions, and decisions that we must make. Some of them are easy, while some of them are extremely hard. Regularly people make the wrong decisions and have to live with the consequences for the entirety of their life, while others make the right decisions and reap the benefits for life. That is not to voice of the costs or benefits that bystanders will procure. It is my belief that when we are tested with choices we have a grander duty to the collective good rather than to ourselves. I believe the path of greater good parallels the Divine route established by our God. In the story, The Aeneid, one young leader is confronted with such a decision. He made a calculated choice. The question is whether Aeneas should have stayed in Carthage with Dido following their “marriage,” or did he do the right thing by abandoning her to go to Italy. In this brief essay, we will decide whether or not the choice that he made was the right by exploring the two choices and their implications for the parties involved. We will be left with a clear answer to the problem. I propose that the choice that he made was the correct choice for the greatest sum of people, in addition to being pleasing to his God, making it the correct one.
At the start of the tale, Aeneas, set out on a journey to complete an assignment given to him by his mother, Venus. Venus, a Goddess, proclaims to him that it is his…

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