Huperethon Character Analysis

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Huperethon Huperethon was an Athenian of ancient lore. He was a brave and courageous man, but was often noted for having too much pride. He was guided by Hermes to dwell in the depths of the underworld after a dual between him and his twin brother, Sophos. Their father was the King of Athens, and after he passed, they fought to the death over who was the heir to their father's throne. Both men were strong, but not to Huperethon's prideful knowledge. Thinking he was exceedingly more skilled than his brother, Huperethon presumed he was to be the king. Sophos, wise and knowing of his brother's low expectations, struck Huperethon's upper right arm seconds after the dual began. Huperethon's arm, along with his sword, fell to the ground …show more content…
I am the only hope for Persephone and no Irish god could ever kill me, for I am stronger and mightier than all. I must keep my word with Hades."
In that instant he left for the sea. He knew he must obey the orders of Hades and rescue Persephone. After sundown, Huperethon reached the edge of the Celtic Sea. Arawn's vicious grey hounds guarded the gates of Annwn. With evil, soulless eyes the hounds barked and growled at Huperethon. A few moments passed until the dogs allowed Huperethon to pass the gates of Annwn. Huperethon found the hollows of the Celtic Otherworld much different than the death-bearing flames of the Hades' underworld. He ventured further into the Otherworld to find Persephone, whose face was unwilling, dining across the long table from Arawn, who appeared to be happy. Huperethon crawled closer to hear Arawn's words when the grey hounds came barking. Their loud bark echoed in the cold depths of the Otherworld as they sprinted toward Huperethon. Arawn bolted from the table to investigate. When Persephone tried to stand up, Huperethon noticed she could not do so because she was chained to the chair. She uttered a weak yell for help. Persephone lost all godly powers in the foreign

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