Huntington's Disease Research Paper

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title Huntington’s disease, also referred to as HD or Huntington's Chorea, is an inherited trait in which the human nerve cells in the brain break down over time. In the United States, this rare, unwanted disease affects twenty thousand to two hundred thousand people every year. This illness, slowly but surely, will alter the overall person’s functional ability; including physical, social, and mental decline that stops a person from fully living a normal life. Huntington’s Chorea will start to show symptoms between an individual's thirties and forties, the doctors will diagnose these symptoms, and then the patients will go through medication to help lessen the symptoms. When most people think of how they will live their life, they don't

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    HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE Huntington’s Disease is a primarily mental disease that has many different symptoms. Though the disease does mainly affect the mind and the brain, there are many physical effects that accompany it. The disease was first described by George Huntington in the late 1800s, however any further advancements in knowledge of the disease didn’t come until much later. People affected by this disease are affected in many different ways, and at many different times in their lives. There…

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    Alcohol Matthew J Rela Kean University HED 4333 Abstract This paper explores Huntington’s disease (HD) which is described as a genetic condition where a mutation occurs on the Huntington gene. This mutation has a specific pathophysiology that leads to the clinical manifestations of the disease. Due to the non-curable nature, the patient management is simply palliative care. Diagnostic and predictive testing can be performed; however, the results are merely to know if the mutation is present…

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