Human 's Spatial And Social Cognitive Abilities Essay

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There has always been a stereotype that females have a better social cognitive understanding than males, while the latter have a stronger sense of their surroundings. I have a bad sense of direction myself, but I’m good at standing for the position of others. It is found that many girls are good at navigating socially and generally boys can easily adapt to the perspective of others. It makes me believe that the stereotype that I mentioned earlier is untrue and that there must be some other genetic or environmental factors affecting these abilities. Different spatial and social cognitive abilities and what accounts for these differences are intriguing to me, which is why I chose psychology as my major and later decided to focus my research on human’s spatial and social cognitive abilities.

During my first year of graduate school I read lots of research articles on the field of spatial cognition. I then then noticed that people showed significant differences when performing the same spatial tasks such as mental rotation, which compelled me to wonder what accounts for it. To figure it out, I read related literature and concluded that levels of anxiety and the spatial cognitive styles like the Landmark Style, the Route Style and the Survey Style could explain the individual differences in spatial tasks. My review paper was published in the Advances in Psychological Science, which ranks third in the field of Psychology in China. In the process of writing this paper, my research…

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