Human Rights And Torture In China

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The Chinese Communist Party has ruled the country since 1949, tolerating no opposition and often dealing brutally with dissent. Within China there are many social issues. Many of the issues are exposed in Chinese media, which show China 's fragile social balance. Issues that cause problems would include the Government, law, and other social unrest. There is a lack of people who actually follow the rule of law. Others are dissatisfied with the corrupt government officials. One problem we find in the media is the treatment of prisoners in China. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. This is the 5th human right. Torture is the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a …show more content…
Most victims now are kept in the Tigers Chair. While in the chair they are prodded with an electric baton, pressed with extremely cold metal or extremely hot metal. Human Rights Watch reports, “Detainees, their relatives and lawyers said abuse included prisoners being beaten and electrocuted with batons, deprived of sleep, shackled in painful positions and hung from their wrists” (Graham-Harrison). The human rights watch has also reported that, “Some have been sprayed with chilli oil in sensitive areas, deprived of sleep and water, starved and frozen” (Graham-Harrison). The Types of torture are limitless, the police and other officials are will do anything to get what they want from the …show more content…
One woman was tortured to death. It is said that, “She was tortured on the tiger bench for two days and one night, during which time she was also beaten with two electric batons on the breasts” (China). The torture does not stop there, later, “Three men used their fists to punch her face, chest, and back. As a result, Ms. Wang’s left cheekbone was fractured and she vomited a great amount of blood. Later, her lungs were infected” She becomes very sick and doesn’t get the correct medical treatment (China). Another case tells about a women that was taken from her home and brought to an abandoned building to be tortured. This women was put on a tiger bench and was not allowed to move or she would be punished. They report that, “She was severely beaten whenever she moved a little bit on the bench.
The severe beating left her arms paralyzed and she could not even eat anything for a few days” (China). There are numerous cases just like these presented to the

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