Essay on Human Rights And The Rights

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Introduction: Human rights are universal and promote the equality of all humans by providing life chances and fairness in the society, it also protects people from oppression by other authorities. The creation of human rights are influenced by what is perceived as natural laws (sometimes religion) and also moral views of the society, so they are created with the intent of protecting individual interests and are overriding. Human rights are also normative in our modern society, they bring order to social interactions and provide a sort of social boundary between individuals for said interactions. The Thesis of this paper to to support the argument that human rights protect the interests of all individuals by providing equality, personal security and protecting them from coercion or oppression by their state. Some only agree with this to an extent and state that rights “protects the interests of those who have the rights in question”, but the foundation of human rights is based on the equality and protection of all humans. These rights are created to prevent oppression of individuals from sovereign authorities. An example is the Nazi regime oppressing the jews however this was before the creation of laws of universal human rights. They protect an individuals life, property, happiness, well being, safety and security. The argument that rights provide protection for individual interest will be explained in this paper and examples will be given. The foundation for the…

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