Human Intelligence And The Human Condition Essays

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Human intelligence has posed a problem that might prove be the tragic flaw in our very existence. With our intelligent brains and technological advances, we are able to do more than simply survive and carry on the human race. We are able to ponder and wonder and think. This leads to self reflection, deeper interaction with others, and levels of confusion and frustration. The human condition, as defined by Moss and Korman in Biology and the Human Condition, is most simply put as the underlying reason for our actions (11). Many people, like my mother, consider the human condition a state of being by which our species is able to have compassion and understanding for one another and work as a community to better the world around us (Goldstein). I find this deffiniton falsely optimistic, idealistic, and egocentric. I view the human condition as an evolutionary error that causes devastating results eternally and for the world around us. For me, it is unmistakeable that the true differentiation between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom lies in something so simple: free time. In neolithic times, our species had simple goals and a definite purpose like other animals. Day to day life included the quest to eat, not be eaten, and reproduce. This left our ancestors with little extra time. Eventually, humans became the top predator and it became easier and easier for them survive. Survival began to take up less and less time and thus free time was created. Now humans have…

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