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Use Google search, the Devry-Keller Online Library, and/or one of the approved websites posted in the Webliography to find a research article(s) (no older than 2001) related to nonprofit versus for-profit healthcare and organizations. Analyze the characteristics of each type of organization and the factors that impact operations. Discuss options to improve the financial and operational performance of nonprofit organizations and the criticisms leveled at for-profit healthcare organizations.

Define: characteristics

a feature or quality belonging typically to a person, place, or thing and serving to identify it.

Define: Analyze

examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, esp. information),
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"Expenses and operations are scrutinized. Both types of practice are driven to generate surplus income. In the nonprofit world, the surplus is invested in the community in the form of free care for the poor, or in the health system itself. In the for-profit, the surplus helps individuals-the shareholders--create wealth."

Wong sees nothing wrong with that "as long as the doctors' fundamental mission is to take care of patients. If you're creating wealth in the process, you're giving a tangible incentive for someone to continue doing that good work. In a nonprofit setting, you rely on the values of people to whom important work transcends how much money they make." (school)

"Additionally, nonprofits that retain their status have gradually come to resemble for-profits in numerous ways. For example, more nonprofits are now relying on revenues generated from services versus donations, more of them are depending on their economic performance in order to gain access to specific types of financing, more of them have less ties with the community and are functioning on a more national level, and more nonprofits are engaging in practices traditionally reserved for for-profits such as hybrid arrangements, joint ventures and alliances.[14]" (helensmith)

"According to a study conducted by Dr. Landon which is the largest study conducted on health plan practices, all health plans

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