Hsm 340 Complete Course - Devry (All Assignments - Dqs - Quizez - Midterm and Final Exam)

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HSM 340 Complete Course - DeVry (All Assignments - DQS - Quizez - MidTerm And Final EXam)

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week 1 Finance and the Regulatory Components (graded) a) Are there any other types of information besides financial that may be useful in making financial decisions? b) Identify the major components of a corporate compliance plan, including the establishment of internal controls relating to the finances of an
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week 5 discussion

Capital Investments (graded) List some of the kinds of information that is needed to evaluate a capital investment project.

Future and Present Value (graded) List some of the pros and cons of retiring debt early.

week 6 Cash and Assets (graded) List and describe where cash is generated by an organization and where an organization uses its cash.

Cash Resources (graded) List and explain the criteria that should be used when investing an organization's cash in the short term. week 7 HMO, MCO and Health Plans (graded) Discuss legal and regulatory issues that affect MCOs.

Financial Policy (graded) Describe the relationship between financial planning and strategic planning. This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

week 1 assignment
1. What are four general phases of the working capital cycle?
2. What are the three primary sources of short-term funds?
3. An organization's short-term investment options for idle cash include what four areas? List and provide their characteristics.
4. Discuss the term float

ourse Assignment
Capital Budgeting Process
Complete an APA-formatted two-page paper (not including the title and reference pages) answering the following questions.
1. Organizations that decide to issue bonds generally go through a series of steps. Discuss the six steps.

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