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Reid Thorpe
August 3, 2010
Mr. Sayers

Zinn; Chapter 1:

1.) Howard Zinn’s main purpose for writing A People’s History of the United States is to give history in an un-biased manner. For example, he says that he will not glorify any movement and denounce any ‘bad guy’ in history; he will give information as it should be given. Fairly.

2.) His thesis for the first eleven pages is to describe past events as they happened. Regarding Columbus, Zinn wouldn’t glorify him as a hero, because he wasn’t. He was violent and greedy and would describe him as such.

3.) According to Howard Zinn, Christopher Columbus was wrongly portrayed as a ‘hero’, of sorts. Although he did discover America, there are quite a few significant reasons
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2.) The Africans were considered “better” slaves than the Indians because they were more defenseless because of a couple reasons. They were completely un-armed at all times, they were 1,000s of miles away from their homes and they were less familiar with the language their captors were using.

3.) Zinn states that in many ways, the African customs were better and more admirable in many different ways. However, he also says that the readiness to sacrifice human lives and its abundance of hierarchal privileges, it was not better.

4.) The slavery in Africa had an entirely different concept to it; the slaves were foes taken as prisoners in battle and they were given minimal rights. All in all, the slaves in Africa were more like serfs.

5.) The slaves were crowded into putrid, disgusting ships ridden with disease and a feeling of impending doom. The barracks were slots not more than 18 inches apart, height wise. The slaves were forced to defecate on themselves. There were given nearly no food at all. They would also kill the person next to them just to be able to breathe and have space.

6.) The church was against slavery solely for the fact that it went against the word of the Bible. However, they weren’t able to protest effectively because the demand of free laborers and profit was more important than the word of the Lord.

7.) The concept of slavery itself didn’t cost those who

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