How the Slowdown in Chinese Economy Growth Impacted New Zealand New Zealand

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|Student’s name |(Surname) |(Given names) |
| |Grill |QUENTIN |

|Student’s I.D. number 27154130 |Phone number 0108898845 |

|Unit name |Business in Asia |Unit code |ECF2550/ECX3550 |

|Title of assignment |
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|I have read the university’s statement on cheating and plagiarism, as described in the Student Resource Guide (refer |
| |
|This assignment is original and has not previously submitted as part of another unit/subject/course, |
|I have taken proper care of safeguarding this work and made all reasonable effort to ensure it could not be copied, |
|I acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may for the purposes of assessment, reproduce the assignment and: |
|Provide to another member of faculty; and/or |
|Communicate it to the university’s plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of the assignment on its database for the purpose of future |
|plagiarism checking). |

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