How Was Life During The Paleolithic Age? Essay

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How was life during the Paleolithic Age different from that in the Neolithic Age? Present the broad outlines of the history of the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt. What was the significance of Hebrew monotheism for the future of Western civilization?
Life during the Paleolithic Age was different from the Neolithic Age.The Neolithic Age changed from a hunter and gathering society into an agricultural one. The new age also brought how human nature changed. That would soon mark the creation of early civilization.
The civilizations in both Mesopotamia and Egypt were both considered great civilizations. While Mesopotamia was made in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Egypt would rise along the nearby Nile River. Mesopotamia’s fertile location made it possible to produce surplus food as they were advanced in agriculture. However, Mesopotamia and its Sumerian founders would soon face turmoil. Nearby, the Egyptians would also experience a long period of social and agricultural prosperity, with more than 3,000 years of Egyptian history. However, Egypt soon faced turmoil, as kings struggled to regain the power and sole divine authority they possessed in the past dynasties. This turmoil, along with the numerous foreign invasions would eventually lead to the hollow shell that would become Egyptian society.
Throughout the centuries the Jewish Bible and its view of God, human nature, divine punishment, and social justice, had played a big and important…

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