Essay about How Technology Affects Our Young Ones

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It might come as a surprise that Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent, meaning he limited how often his children could use electronic devices. In an interview, technology executives agreed with Jobs’ parenting style in that they have seen the dangers of technology firsthand and do not want its negative consequences to impact their young ones (Bilton). One of the severe negative consequences that can arise with overusing electronics is addiction. Addiction is defined as the compulsive need to participate in an activity; in this case it relates to using technology obsessively. These addicted users are glued to their devices, feeling lost without them. Steve Jobs and technology experts alike know how harmful these devices can be, as users claim they “need” them. Overusing technology is a serious addiction that results in many complications including altered brain chemistry, an inability to retain information, and an invasion of safety, proving the need for parents to limit their children’s use technology.
Obsessive technology habits are dangerous for children as they can stunt further development. It is rare to go anywhere today without seeing kids attached to devices. One major concern that arises with children being addicted is that it can stunt essential development in their lives. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) psychology department conducted a study where they took an experimental group of 50 sixth graders to a five-day nature and science camp where they were…

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