How Social Definitions Of Gender Affect A Political Career Essay

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Developing an understanding of how social definitions of gender affects a political career will ultimately lead to two sets of conclusions: one concerning the barriers impeding politically ambitious women, the other concerning the strategies some women use to neutralize these barriers. Gender will have an effect on the leader 's performance in office. Anyone who rises to the top of the political system will have developed a set of strategies and repertoire of behaviors for dealing with both challenges and opportunities. For a successful woman, the strategies she has developed and her style will inevitably be shaped and influenced by her society 's definition and expectation of gender. Benair Bhutto was born on June 21, 1953 in Karachi, Pakistan. She came from a prominent political family. At the age of 16 she left her homeland to study at Harvard 's Radcliffe College. She earned her undergraduate degree and in 1977 was awarded her second degree. She later returned home where her father Zilfikar Ali Bhutto was elected prime minister. He was seized by the militay and was imprisoned shortly after her arrival back. In 1979 he was hung by the military government of General Zia UI Haq. In 1984 Bhutto was detained for three years before she could leave the country. She had been arrested many times. In 1984 she moved to London and founed an underground organization to resist the military dictorship. When she return back to Pakistan in 1985 to attend her brothers funeral she was…

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