Essay on How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution?

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How revolutionary was the American revolution? What aspects of the war for American independence make it revolutionary? These are important questions that have been debated throughout the years. Drawing on significant documents of the time, there is much evidence to conclude that the American revolution was in fact revolutionary. It was revolutionary in that it created an entirely new government from scratch, fostered a new ideology among a continent of people, and organized one of the most impressive social movements in history.
The American revolution did not just involve an overthrow of a current power for a replacement, or one monarch for another. In fact, the American revolution was so revolutionary because it created what could be referred to as a whole new form of government. Josh Clark states this revolutionary aspect perfectly when he suggests that “What made the American Revolution so revolutionary, however, was that it didn 't involve regime change, but the creation of an entirely new nation and the adoption of a democracy by that nation (“Why”).” There are precise aspects that sets the American republic apart from previous forms of republican government, as well as conditions that made the formation of the republic possible.
One aspect of the American republic that sets it apart from other republics was the idea of natural rights and equality. Both are ideas that were considered radical and revolutionary at the time. American colonists viewed equality as…

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